The Little Eclectic House

The Little House Co.

The Little Eclectic House.

The question was how do you push the boundaries for small lot design for a client who doesn’t want a beige cookie cutter approach, but wants to stick to a budget?

The answer was The Little Eclectic House. This project was one of those fabulous ones where the client is driven and excited, full of inspiration and looking to create something truly unique. We call this one “eclectic” as it really is a beautiful blend of colour, material, space, texture…I could go on! From the moment you walk in the door nothing is as expected, surprise and delight greet you around every corner.

The design reimagines how a space is created, what makes up a room, which functions sit together. The results is a very light, very spacious home on a very small block. There are neighbours to both sides and the rear, not that you would know it though. The central living areas wrap around the courtyard garden creating a feeling of connection to the outdoors and a spaciousness, in part created by borrowing the visual space of the courtyard.

As far as the nuts and bolts go, this home has 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and an open plan living area. But it is far more than just rooms, it is a feeling. The spaces all have a character, and that character is achieved through an honesty in its materiality and a juxtaposition of surfaces. The kitchen splashback is the bare recycled brick wall, left exposed to highlight all it’s variation and character…it tells the story of where it has been previously. The door frames have been left raw, no coat of paint to cover them up, they just are as they are. The central spine of the home is defined by a timber walkway leading from the front door right the way through sleeping quarters at the rear. With a satin finish the timber sits softly against the rawness of the brick and the natural finish of the porcelain tiles. It is all this contrast that creates the eclectic quality.

Whilst this home is modern in so many ways, it has a warmth and a natural beauty that just welcomes you to come inside and stay a while.